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Register Services

For those coming from an ASP.NET Core background, you're already very familiar with the RegisterServices method in which we can add services to the IServiceCollection. In truth this doesn't make as much sense with Prism Applications to fully adopt this pattern. That said there are services which may already ship with Registration helpers for IServiceCollection. In these cases rather than making it more difficult on you, the PrismContainerExtensions aim to make your life a little easier by providing a simple extension method that will allow you to register certain services with the IServiceCollection which can then update the underlying container.


For those using the Prism.Microsoft.DependencyInjection.Extensions package, the services are registered directly with the underlying IServiceCollection.

PrismContainerExtension.Current.RegisterServices(s => {
    s.AddDbContext<AwesomeAppDbContext>(o => o.UseSqlite("my connection string"));