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Global Navigation Errors

Errors happen when navigating. Using the PrismApplication in Prism.Forms.Extended allows you to automatically and globally handle these errors.

Default Behavior

  • Writes to the Console that there was a Navigation Error
  • Resolves the ILogger, and Reports the Error with the following additional properties
  • Serializes the NavigationParameters to a JSON string
  • Adds the Navigation Uri

Overriding the Default Behavior

If the output on the NavigationError isn't quite what you're hoping for you will need to override the OnNavigationError in PrismApplication. As an example below we will maintain the same logging behavior but ensure that while debugging we always hit a breakpoint so we can explore the values of the Navigation Error anytime this is encountered.

protected override void OnNavigationError(INavigationError navigationError)
    // Ensure we always break here while debugging!