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Page Behavior Factory

Prism's IPageBehaviorFactory is a great way to apply some custom behaviors on to pages either globally or with a little business logic. The Extended Prism.Forms package uses a custom PageBehaviorFactory. In addition to the normal behaviors that Prism applies to your Pages behind the scenes, the Extended version provides support for the following:

  • Globally adding Platform Specifics on:
  • SetToolbarPlacement on Android TabbedPage
  • Use Safe Area on iOS
  • PreferLargeTitles on iOS
  • A custom behavior that changes the Title of a TabbedPage to always match the actively selected Tab

To control these features you simply need to register an implementation of IPageBehaviorFactoryOptions.


A default instance is provided automatically that enables all of these features.

internal class MyPageBehaviorFactoryOptions : IPageBehaviorFactoryOptions
    public bool UseBottomTabs => true;

    public bool UseSafeArea => true;

    public bool UseChildTitle => true;

    public bool PreferLargeTitles => true;

Using Explicit Values

While it's great to generalize certain Platform Specifics like UseBottomTabs or UseSafeArea, there may be times which you prefer to opt-out of these platform specifics from the PageBehaviorFactory and either use the default value or a custom value. For these times you can update your XAML as follows:

<ContentPage xmlns:prism=""

Or in Code:

public class ViewA : ContentPage
    public ViewA()
        PlatformSpecifics.SetUseExplicit(this, true);