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Support for this container is proof of concept. This may still have a number of bugs. It is not advised to use this for production code at this time.

For a number of developers, the Service Provider in Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection is a great lightweight D.I. container. Traditionally this has never been seriously considered for Prism support since Prism has a hard requirement on named services in order to resolve your Views. Prism also has a bit of a requirement that it be able to resolve a service that was never registered.

What makes this different?

The requirement for named services never went away, nor did the requirement that we can resolve types like your ViewModels which are never directly registered. This package provides some additions though that allow us to track mapping between keys and types as well as to resolve concrete types even if they haven't been registered. With these two enhancements built on top of Microsoft's DI Extensions we are able to support Prism with the container.

Using the Container

This container is most likely to be used any time that you're using Shiny, but this can be used completely independently from Shiny or even Prism.

Customizing the underlying container

There are times that you may want to customize some behavior of the container. For these times you may want to access one of the overload Create methods available.


This is for ADVANCED USERS ONLY!!! If you do not know what you're doing with the D.I. container do not use these methods!

public void RegisterServices(IServiceCollection services)
    // DO NOT DO THIS with Shiny.Prism!!!